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Customer Experience & Service Design

Experiences in any form can no longer simply deliver, they need to delight. By understanding both the emotional and the functional benefits of a service, we can define the best experience possible.

We also know that cynicism doesn’t mean rejection but an opportunity to comprehend what is causing it and where the issues lie. We are experts in simplifying and humanising decision making to get the best results.

We offer a strategic lens through which to explore service innovation, customer experience and usability testing:

We embrace the ‘fuzzy’ end of service innovation and have a suite of techniques and tools that enable people to explore future experiences in a more tangible and meaningful way

We partner with creative and digital agencies, design and customer experience teams to bridge the gap between insight, creative and development

We help brands understand complex customer journeys to optimise the customer experience

We provide a strategic approach to usability testing that offers both rigour and direction



How we do this:

We think 360: looking at the solution both from an end user and service provider perspective

We prototype, visualise, storyboard: showing thought starters early on as possible, challenging and provoking with ideas we’ve come up with

We research in context: always capturing real world behaviour – and as longitudinally as possible – using our lifelogging suite of tools

We are iterative: offering solutions to problems as they are voiced and understanding the response to them, so we come back to you with an action plan, not just better ideas to test