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Audience & Cultural Insight

Cultural insight uncovers the attitudes, trends and behaviours that shape the lives of our audiences, enabling us to know what they are feeling today, and what will influence them tomorrow.

We work on three key principles:

We build on existing knowledge by assimilating and unlocking internal data, frameworks and expertise

We will provide a broad, but culturally nuanced, portrait of your topic

We balance inspiring thought pieces with tangible, tailored and impactful output

Whether you are looking to identify a motivating insight platform to underpin a campaign, launch a new product or better connect with and motivate your audience, it is essential to understand the human experience.

Perhaps you want a stand-alone strategic analysis to inspire creatives and identify opportunities or you are looking for a multi-disciplinary approach that blends expert opinion and social intelligence with enhanced primary research, we can meet a range of needs and timeframes.

Regardless, we will always translate the outcomes into a tangible strategy:

We look for a universal definition of the idea and how to execute it

We leave you with the translations and the language to express it across markets

We look to create a model to deconstruct the idea and apply it across categories

We create interactive PDF ‘bibles’ on the topic, searchable by market and sub-category